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About our Course

The purpose of teaching the discipline "Labor protection in the industry" is the formation of future specialists in knowledge, skills and competences, as well as the development of a culture of safety to ensure effective management of occupational health in the medical sector, the creation of favorable conditions for the production environment and safety of work in accordance with the current legislative and regulatory framework. Legal acts for the implementation of the principle of priority of the protection of life and health of medical workers. The main tasks of studying the discipline "Labor protection in the industry" are to ensure the preservation of life, health and efficiency of medical workers in production conditions through the application of a complex of legislative, organizational, engineering, sanitary, hygienic, therapeutic and preventive and other measures, moral upbringing - Ethical values aimed at the prevention of occupational injuries and the emergence of professional and productive diseases.


To study this on-line course, students will need theoretical knowledge and practical skills in hygiene and ecology, as well as a computer with access to the Internet.

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Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine

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Head Department, associate professor Sevalnev AI, associate professor, Ph.D. Kirsanova O.V., associate professor, Ph.D. Fedorchenko R.A., associate professor, Ph.D. Sharavara LP, associate professor, Ph.D. Kutsak AV, senior Lecturer, Ph.D. Sokolovska I.A., assistant Volkova Yu.V.

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