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In 2017, the teachers of the Department of General Hygiene and Ecology of ZSMU in accordance with the requirements of the use of distance learning technologies developed an on-line course of independent work "General issues of hygiene and ecology" for 3 and 6 year students in the specialty "Medicine". The course consists of the following content modules: General Hygiene, Environmental Hygiene, Hygiene of Food and Industrial Hygiene, Hygiene of tropical regions. After each subject, the student must answer questions in on-line mode and solve situational tasks, the answers to which are written in a note and checked during practical classes. As a result of mastering the discipline the student must: Know the environmental factors, medical and biological aspects of human ecology; biological rhythms and their characteristics, basics of prevention of desynchronosis; mental health and its main criteria; psycho-hygienic principles of optimization of everyday human activity; endemic goiter and endemic fluorosis; methods of preservation of food products, as well as to master the methods of determining the physical, emotional and intellectual cycles, the properties of temperament and character, motivational orientation and peculiarities of the neuro-mental state of the human person; calculation of human energy consumption and nutritional requirements; investigation of occupational diseases and poisonings.


To study this on-line course, students will need theoretical knowledge and practical skills in hygiene and ecology, as well as a computer with access to the Internet.

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Head of the Department, Associate Professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine

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Head Department, associate professor Sevalnev AI, associate professor, Ph.D. Kirsanova O.V., associate professor, Ph.D. Fedorchenko R.A., associate professor, Ph.D. Sharavara LP, associate professor, Ph.D. Kutsak AV, senior Lecturer, Ph.D. Sokolovska I.A., assistant Volkova Yu.V.

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