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Physiology. Independent work

Physiology. Independent work

Course description

The subject of the study of the discipline is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, mastery of practical skills and the ability to section 1 "General physiology and physiology of visceral systems".

Interdisciplinary connections: The discipline "Physiology" is based and integrated with disciplines: normal anatomy, histology, medical biology, medical biophysics, biological and bioorganic chemistry.

Purpose of online course is
Independent study of normal physiology is based on the requirements for training doctors in the specialty and is the basis for constructing the content of the discipline. The description of the goals is formulated through skills in the form of target tasks (actions). On the basis of the ultimate goals, each content Section formulated specific goals in the form of certain skills (actions), target tasks, which ensure the achievement of the ultimate goal of studying the discipline.

The main tasks of studying the online course of "Normal physiology" are:

  • To conclude on the state of the physiological functions of the organism, its systems and organs.
  • Analyze age-specific features of the body's functions and their regulation.
  • Analyze regulated parameters and draw conclusions about the mechanisms of nervous and humoral regulation of physiological functions of the organism and its systems.
  • Analyze the health of a person under different conditions based on physiological criteria.
  • To interpret mechanisms and regularities of functioning of excitatory structures of an organism.
  • Analyze the state of sensory processes in providing human life.
  • Explain the physiological basis of the methods of studying the functions of the organism.
  • Explain the mechanisms of the integrative activity of the organism.

Information volume of educational discipline:
To study the academic discipline 158 hours, 10 ECTS credits are given.

Course creators:

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associate professor I. Ye. Sukhomlinova, associate professor М. А. Tykhonovska, assistant lecturer А. V. Krashevskyi, assistant lecturer Т. А. Shvedova, assistant lecturer Т. М. Prozorova, assistant lecturer Ye. О. Aravitskyi.

Course tutors:

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assistant lecturer А. V. Krashevskyi.


Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, 2nd academic building, 2nd floor

tel. (061) 239-89-51


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