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IWS Pharmacology and Medical Prescription

IWS Pharmacology and Medical Prescription

About This Course

The purpose of teaching the course is to increase the interest of students in those that are committed to self-employment. The topics included in this online course are important components for preparing students for the state licensed exam STEP-1 (KROK-1).


The course provides the necessary materials for students to acquire knowledge about topics that are taken for self-study on pharmacology. Practical tasks are executed in the form of tables or situational tasks, the solution of which increases the interest in the course and independent work of students. In the process of learning, students have the opportunity to communicate with the faculty and with the tutor of the course by e-mail or directly at the department. After the course is completed, a certificate is issued.

The authors of the course:

prof. Belenichev I.F., ass. prof. Buhtiyarova N.V., ass. prof. Samura I.B., ass. prof. Egorov A.A.


Zaporozhye State Medical University

2nd educational building, 4th floor

Tel. 061-233-38-25


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