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Step 2. Medicine.

The course is intended for the preparation of students of medical faculties of higher medical educational institutes for a licensed examination Step 2. The course includes materials of the following sections: therapeutic profile, surgical profile, pediatric profile, obstetrics and gynecology, hygiene and organization of health care. The course structure contains the theoretical part of each discipline. The theoretical part consists of text materials covering all subjects of the clinical disciplines and hygiene with the organization of health care. In addition to the text files, videos, presentations, images and circuits are available. The other part of the course consists of the tests of the licensed exam Step 2, selected from the booklets of the last 10 years. Tests can be solved with in the training and control regimes. In the training mode, each test is accompanied by a prompt explaining the correct answer.

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To study the online course, students will need a computer with Internet access as well as knowledge and skills in the disciplines of general, faculty and hospital surgery.

Matveev Sergiy Oleksandrovych

Course Staff Image #1

Dotsenko Sergey Yakovlevich

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine №3

Course Staff Image #2

Demchenko Oleksandr Valerievich

Senior laboratory assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine №3


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