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Diabetes Insipidus in children

Diabetes Insipidus in children

About This Course

On-line course "Diabetes mellitus in children. Independent work ”using the EDX platform allows students-foreigners to acquire modern ideas about the etiology and pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus in children, clinical manifestations of neurogenic and nephrogenic form of diabetes mellitus in children. The course allows you to gain insight into modern methods of diagnosis of various forms of diabetes in children. Provides the ability to perform and interpret a dehydration test and to prescribe treatment depending on the diagnosed clinical and laboratory form of the disease..

The purpose of the course is to master the subjects of independent work in the discipline of Pediatrics online using the EDX platform.


Diabetes insipidus in children. Definition, classification. Neurogenic Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and children. Etiological factors of neurogenic and nephrogenic form of diabetes in children. Identifying risk groups with diabetes insipidus in children. Clinical manifestations of different forms of diabetes insipidus in children. Methods of diagnosis of diabetes insipidus in children. The dehydration test and its interpretation. Anti-diuretic hormone test and its interpretation. Auxiliary survey methods. Treatment of neurogenic and nephrogenic diabetes insipidus in childre.

Course Staff

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Prof. Lezhenko G.O., prof. Reznichenko Yu.G., prof. Pashkova O.Ye., assoc. Kamenshchyk AV, as. Krayniya G.V., as. Lebedinets O.M., as. Samoylik K.V.

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