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IWS. History of Medicine

IWS. History of Medicine

About This Course

The subject of the study of the discipline is the general questions of the history of medicine and the basic laws of the historical development of medicine, special historical and medical information. (The discipline studies general historical questions on medicine and the basic laws of its historical development) Interdisciplinary connections: History of medicine is an integral part of all medical disciplines, general history, culture, philosophy etc. The purpose of teaching the discipline «History of Medicine» is the interpretation of the development of medicine in the historical retrospective, the interpretation of the main historical and medical events, the study of the main stages of medicine development depending on the socioeconomic situation, the formation of science in the field of medicine. The main tasks of studying the discipline «History of Medicine» are skills of analysis of material from the history of medicine, determination of main features of medical knowledge and natural science, main features of the medicinal development in different epochs, interpretation of main historical and medical events. (The main task of the discipline is to form the understanding of principles of analysis the issues of history of medicine; to be able to determine the main features of medical knowledge and natural science, to know the main features of the medical development in different epochs; to know how to interpret the main historical and medical events.) «History of Medicine» is a discipline that aims to lay the foundation for students to know the history of medicine at different historical stages of society development, the main stages of formation and development of world medical science and practice, modern trends in the development of medical industry. Special attention is paid to the development of medicine in Ukraine. The discipline «History of Medicine» enables foreign students to understand the essence of their future profession, it provides for the development of professional competence, it helps students to form historical and logical way of thinking, scientific understanding of the interconnection of natural and special disciplines, knowledge of medicine; it gives them the opportunity to understand the cultural level of the modern medical specialist. Moreover, the discipline aims to evoke feelings of pride and necessity of medical profession. The online course «IWS. History of Medicine» is for ZSMU foreign English-speaking students. This online course aims to help foreign students during their independent study to form better understanding of the material.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Didyk Sergiy Sergiyovich

PhD in History, Senior Lecturer

Course Staff Image #2

Pavlenko Natella Valeriivna


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