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IWS «Microbiology, virology and immunology», «Medicine» (3 course). Chapter II

IWS «Microbiology, virology and immunology», «Medicine» (3 course). Chapter II


The aim of the course is to study the general laws, biological properties of microorganisms regardless of their species and features of biological properties of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms characteristic of a particular species: morphology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, ecology, evolution and other features of microorganisms and other processes. interaction with the macroorganism.

The course provides the necessary materials for students to acquire knowledge about topics that are taken for self-study on Microbiology, Virology and Immunology. Practical tasks are executed in the form of tables or situational tasks, the solution of which increases the interest in the course and independent work of students. In the process of learning, students have the opportunity to communicate with the faculty and with the tutor of the course by e-mail or directly at the department. After the course is completed, a certificate is issued.

The authors of the course:

ass. prof. Polishchuk N.M., ass. prof. Zherebyatiev O.S., ass. prof. Kolicheva N.L., senior lect. Eremina A.K., senior lect. Voitovich O.V., ass. Degen A.S.

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Course tutors:

ass. prof. Zherebyatiev O.S.

Course Staff Image #1
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