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IWS. History of Ukrainian Culture

IWS. History of Ukrainian Culture

About This Course

The purpose of the educational discipline is familiarization of medical students with the specific of forming of Ukrainian culture, main its sources and constituents, the most important periods of cultural development of inhabitants of the contemporary Ukraine’s territory.

The tasks of the study:understanding and perception of the Ukrainian national idea;deeper knowledge of the past and present of the native state and people, characteristic features of its cultural genesis;assimilation of national values: Ukrainian culture, language, instilling a respectful attitude to historical memory;to make clear the fundamental processes in Ukrainian culture development; to give students widely knowledge about different historical-cultural periods; to give information about specific peculiarities of Ukrainian art (painting, architecture, sculpture, music,dance, literature); to give information about national symbol system and unique features of the mythological world picture.


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Doctor of Philology, Professor Grebeniuk Tetiana Volodymirivna

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